Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

State of Emergency Declared!

It is too late but at least now!

The most important thing now is for the Iraqi people to help the police and other forces to capture all the terrorists or kill them. Without the help of the people the job is difficult even with Emergency state.

Things the government need to do:

-Close the borders
-Put the outlawed areas under the control by force
-Extensive op for the terrorists, & criminals of all kind. Put them to Justice
-Zero tolerance to all crimes
-Show them in the TV to confess about their supporters
-Declare, no future economic relation with states support terrorists
-Put Saddam & his criminals to justice soon
-Death penalty in the same way (beheading) to those who behead people
-Start reconstruction and rebuilding the quite areas
-No reconstruction in the trouble areas until they prove to be good citizens
-Punish any one who carry or possess Saddam's pictures or books
-Those who works for poisonous media should be punished like Al Jazeera
-Any Iraqi who has information about terrorists & keep silent put to justice
-All Arabs and foreigners should be under strict secret observation
-Hi tech spy equipments should be used including tapping when needed
-When op needed don't declare it like Falluja! Go for it sudden & by surprise
-Troubled areas need acts and not action
-Don't forget Izat Al-Dori. He is dangerous!
-Aim to capture Zarqawi and try him in Abstention now!

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