Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

More secrets to be revealed!

The leader of the terrorists group which call itself (Jayish Mohammad) has been captured in Falluja. This terrorists group was responsible for many kidnapping, killing, bombing and video shows. Many members of the same group and other terrorist group have been captured.
Iyad Alawi told Al Arabyiah TV that the pictures of these terrorists and part of their confession and names will be released soon. Sooner after their captures they confessed about their networks inside and outside Iraq. These networks have multiple heads inside and out side Iraq in the neighbouring countries. The confessions may indicate direct and dangerous involvement of the neighbouring countries.

Some of the Falluja people expressed their views about the terrorists after they were certain that these thugs will never return again.

The black retarded mind of the terrorists implemented a rule similar to that of Talaban as indicated by the much evidence which discovered in Falluja.

In Ramadi and Mosel the Iraqi police controlled with the help of the residents these cities though still heavy fighting outbreaks in some areas especially in Baquba.

Latyifyiah death triangle is the next to be cleared according to the Iraqi Minister of Defence. This hopefully will be soon.

It is very interesting to notice that kidnapping, beheading, suicidal bombs and alike significantly decreased since Falluja freed from the terrorists. The problem is Al Jazeera TV lost its masked customers! We suggest for them to fake a video in the next few days about beheading of a wild dog kidnapped by the terrorists. The terrorists demanded that if the wild dogs not withdraw from Falluja they will kill the kidnapped dog who was arrested helping the occupied forces.

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