Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

More secrets from Falluja!

Alfred Hitchcock is needed for Falluja!

Important information about Zarqawi has been found in Falluja. Some are letters and plans by this terrorist for his followers found in a site believed to be used by him. At least 9 bodies have been found in that safe site.

There are some news (unconfirmed) that the British Black Watch after the above information and other information arrested an important member close to Zarqawi South Baghdad in a luxury villa with members of his group.

The female body found in Falluja was most likely Margaret Hassan.

The Jayish Insar Al Sunnah threatened to attack the polling station in Iraq.

Among the killed Mujahdeen in Falluja were some French's probably from North African origin.

More than 25 bodies have been found in Falluja after the have been killed by the terrorists. Some are limbless which indicates various type of torture been used before killing them.

One of the kidnapped victims who were lucky to be freed by the US forces in Falluja told that his captives were Syrian terrorists! Escaped Fallujan told in Baghdad that the terrorists were Arab especially from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. Large ammunitions and arms from Jordan and China has been found!

Several rooms used for torture or beheading have been discovered in ordinary houses in poor residential areas. Some rooms contain cells like the one shown Ken Begley in it. One hostage from rich family in Baghdad has been locked in a dirty toilet. Also found studios for making and producing films! One of the rooms called the (slaughter house) was probably used for beheading of many victims.
Some of these sites have been shown to the media including France Press few hours after discovered.

Information indicates that some of the terrorist cells are now went dormant trying to re-arrange itself especially in Musel. Certainly in Falluja they will go back if they got the opportunity.

Now most of the people would like to see documentary films about these atrocities and sites!

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