Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Insurgents fled to other cities

One of the most dangerous things now is to relax after Falluja especially about the spread of the terrorists to Mosel, Ramadi, Baquba, and South of Baghdad.

More than 40 of them have been anticipated and captured in Kut in their way to flee to Iran or Kuwait. Some may have been successful to get into Baquaba, Ramdi and certainly Mosel.

Mosel witnessed over the last few weeks influx from Falluja and from outside borders from Syria. The leaders of these groups may have been taken Mosel as their last safe heaven before escaping into Syria or the mountains in the north.

Pre-emptive strikes are very important to prevent Mosel becoming Another Falluja.

Several bodies of masked killed insurgents have been left in the street of Mosel tonight after fighting between the insurgents and the Iraqi Police supported by the multi-national forces. The insurgents fled the area and left behind several dead with black uniforms which is used before by Fadaii Saddam.

On another development, the Iraqi Forces entered Falluja found the houses of tortures which were used for beheading in the city with hundreds of CDs, uniforms used in the previous videos of beheading and list of names of those who were killed or kidnapped.

The Iraqi governemtn should take preventative measure to keep the security of the civilians intact. One of these steps is to appoint Military Rulers for the unstable areas to protect the Iraqi civilians and their belongings from similar fate like Falluja. This is very important and first to start with Mosel, Latyifyiah, Ramadi, Yosfyiah, Baquba, and Mahmodyiah or any other unstable region. The rule should be for the Iraqi army until the situation get better and the civilians feel safer to take steps against the criminals.

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