Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

France & the UN continue to destroy the Iraqi people

France called for the masked men and those who beheading people to join a national conference about Iraq in Egypt and Paris.

About the conference in Egypt it should concentrate only on two main issues, the rebuilding of Iraq and helping to end and bring the terrorists for justice. No terrorists allowed to join.

About the call of Jack Chirac (Saddam's friend) to allow the masked men (he calls them the resistance!) we would like to give him the most recent video about the evil action of these groups! (The video is about today's beheading of an Iraqi ING officer by Insar Al-Sunnah that France considers them resistance!). The video is linked in Sot Al Iraq site. It contains distressful pictures, click here if you would like to see it..

By the way Jack Chirac returned earlier from the European summit today to avoid to met Iayad Alawi!

On the other hand the new Sheikh of UAE after the death of his father Zaid Al Niehayian was much less hospitable with Ghazi Al Yawer (Interim Iraq President) than with all the other Arab Presidents like the Syrian, the Jordanian, the Yemeni etc, as it was so evident from the live show of the consolation in one of the huge palaces of this family!

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