Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Founds in Falluja!

Our hearts is with the innocent people of Falluja who were exposed to a lot of pressure and hardship from the anomalous and pervert insurgents.

Until now horrible atrocities have been found in Falluja by the outlawed outsiders and their supporters. Examples of the atrocities are:

1. Thousands of Arabs from different countries have been killed or captured. Some were from Iran, Chechnya, Afghanistan and other countries.

2. Several sites for beheadings tortures and videoing
3. Captured victims with miserable states
4. Mutilated bodies and one of them was a limbless body for a western woman whose throat was cut, face was disfigured and her limbs were amputated!
5. Large amounts of weapons and using worship places for that.
6. Lists of those who were kidnapped and beheaded and other lists of names of targeted people
7. Some documents related to the previous beheaded hostages like the Passport of the Japanese S Kudo who was beheaded few weeks ago!

More secret will certainly be revealed soon.

It looks that the new strategy is not to allow the insurgents to regroup in another city and to get them before they can catch the breath.

In Ramadi the Iraqi/Coalition forces refused to give a truce and entered the city with tanks and armoured vehicles while in Baji the insurgents' positions are under continuous air and ground bombardments.

One of the most dangerous areas which is called the triangle of death is still to be managed! This is south of Baghdad in Yosfyiah, Mahmodyiah and Latyfiyah where many people (Iraqis and non-Iraqis) killed daily by the insurgent groups there.

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