Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Falluja Terrorists & Saudi Arabia Wahabists

A statement signed by 26 Clergy Wahabist from KSA Yesterday called the Iraqis to support the terrorists and to avoid intimidating or reporting them to the authorities.

These thugs (the 26) who were graduated from the University of Terror called the terrorists as resistance. Their alike in Jordan called for help to the Mujahdeen in Falluja Yesterday as well!

There is no question that the Saudi authorities are lying when they said that they are going to end terrorism in their land which is the main incubator for that. They are also relaxed on the issue of interfering with Iraqi internal affairs. Indeed they are now openly encouraging the terrorists and those who help them in Iraq. Now when they realised that the entry of the US and Iraqi forces to the main-hold of the terrorists they produced the above statements.

They know when the forces go in; they will capture many Saudis which may lead to uncovering many secrets, like the sources of money supplying the terrorists and their networks inside the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and others.

Those who signed the statement are very well know to the Saudi authorities like Sheikhs Ahmad Khedheri (Teacher in Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University, Ahmad Abd El Latef, Sefr Al Hawali (Teachers in Um Al Qura University in Makkah), and Salman Fahd Al Ouda (Chairman of Islam Today)!

It would be better for these 26 (illiterates) to issue a Fatwa to stop atrocities against the Saudi Shias and to stop treating them as second class citizens and to join them in the government systems and jobs. They better issued a fatwa to support the rights of the immigrants who work in Saudi Arabia who are treated by them including these 26 (illiterates) as sub-human beings. It may be better for them to issue a fatwa to condemn the killing of children by their graduates everywhere in the world.

The question is; is it not the Saudi authorities who are responsible to stop these well know teachers in their universities to issue such statements unless they are supporting them?! We know there is no freedom in Saudi Arabia and the authorities can prevent any one from issuing statements supporting terrorism, so why they allowed these 26?!

Many questions will be answered when Falluja freed from the terrorists! Even the answer of the WMD may be found there or at least its documents!
This will not take long time but looks imminent!

Civil War may start soon!

Another Fifteen Iraqi Shia belong to the Iraqi National Gaurds (all of them from Najaf) have been kidnapped and killed in Al-Latifyiah south of Baghdad. They were in a leave back to their families. The killers left the driver to give him aletter for the families of the victims. The letter asks the families to pay money in return of giving them the bodies of their sons!

About 500 Iraqi Shite families have been forced to leave their homes in Al-Latifyiah, Al-Yosifyiah and Al-Mahmodiyiah (the devil triangle) over the last two years.

Too many Shites killed in the main road in their way from or to Baghdad from the south. The last killing 2 days ago was doctors going from Najaf to Baghdad to attend a scientific conference among them Dr Mohammad Sayid Hammami a well know Paediatrician in Najaf. They were killed in Al-Latifyiah.

More recently anti-Shite slogans have been written extensively on the walls and doors of these areas. Some of these slogans are threats to exterminate Shite in Hila (Babile).

With the weak position of the government against these outlawed the situation is heading towards civil war because the people in the south will not keep silent and will soon take the law in their hands to exterminate the outlawed.

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