Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Evidence of Link Between Trio S, Q & J!

Unconfirmed news that the Wahabi terrorists beheaded two ING in front of the worshipers in one of the Sunniah Mosques in Mosel! Curse be up on the Wahabism!

Terrorists in Mosel again, burned the polling cards in one of the big stores there.

Omar Hadied is one of important deputies for Zarqawi who led the war in Falluja. He was a member of the Saddam special guards before going to join Usama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. His brother was the chairman of the Al Jazeera TV station in Baghdad before its closure! Interesting isn't it?! A connection between Saddam and Qaeda is found! More than that the relation between Qaeda, Saddam and Al Jazeera, do we need evidence?!

The Wrath Brigade is a new secret army but this is an anti-terrorist army announced its birth to protect the Shia from the atrocities of the Wahabis/Salaffis/Zarqawis terrorists especially in Yosfiyah and Latyifyiah. Are we going to see counter act operation for these new groups in the next few days in the above areas?! We said before that if the government stay weak and silent about the triangle of death the Shia have to do what it should protect themselves. It is good as far as there are no Iranian or other hands in it. The government have to do what bring this triangle under control by the only language the criminals know before more groups emerged.

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