Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Congratulations for GWB!

In our last article and most simple questioner about the US election about 75% of the commentators in this site voted for GWB. Ultimately he won though not by 75% but we may say by majority (including Ohio) especially compared to 2000 election!

JK conceded after he was completely certain that no more hope otherwise he may have been walked the extra mile.

Now; the terrorists are unable to celebrate!

Watching few channels last night and today it appeared that news networks and TVs playing the music of the party they support. CNN, BBC, and others appeared blue. ITV(UK), Fox news and their alike were GWB supporters!
Aljazeera (although don't like to watch it) killed itself for JK to win not because they like him but because they don't like GWB! We don't know how the others cover this interesting race to the white house and the oval office!

In Iraq we expect to crush and end all terrorists, get real democracy and freedom, reconstruct Iraq to a strong economy and be partner with the USA towards stable and safe region and world.

Lastly I would like to put a simple question for you to comment if you would like please;

do you think this site influenced or changed you to vote for GWB or JK? Please answer if you would like and you may not need to put your name!


Three Iraqi National Guards beheaded by a terrorists group called itself (Ishraf Al-Iraq) according to Al-Jazeera (a TV from Qatar usually broadcast videos & statements for the terrorists). Their bodies have been found later on without heads in Baghdad.

Another ING beheaded in Mosel by (Insar Sunnah) earlier today.

Abu Musaab Zarqawi group (Qaeda!) broadcasted a video that showed the beheading of the Japanese SK today. If you wish to see the video which is linked in Sot Al Iraq site click here.
At the end of the video the terrorists singing a chant saying (I am terrorist for seek of my religion to terrorise the enmies of the religion and that is their fate!). The accent of the one who read the statement and the chant is certainly not Iraqi accent but belong to Arabs.

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