Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Chambers of Horror!

The terrorists retreated into a pocket south of Falluja. It looks that they are fighting until death about important targets. It is not an unlikely that one of these targets is Zarqawi though much news indicated that he escaped.

More than 600 insurgents were killed and their bodies remained in the roads with many strayed dogs. Some may have been killed by their fellows when they tried to surrender or escaped.

Many torture and beheading secret sites have been found and some hostages were freed by the Iraqi/US forces including the driver of the two French journalists.

The people in Mosel, Ramadi and other areas begin to refuse to give safe heaven for the insurgents due to the fear of similar fate may happen in their cities.

The Biesh Marga (Iraqi Kurdish Army) taught the terrorists a lesson they will never forget after they attacked the Kurdish party HQ in Mosel. The BM attacked back and killed many of the terrorists and injured others. Then they followed those who escaped into the streets of the residential areas. There the BM killed some and captured others.
One of the reasons why the Iraqi Police can't confront the terrorists because their armament is much less than the terrorists while the BM is well armed.

The best thing to do now is for the Iraqi government is to arm the Iraqi Police with heavy armoured vehicles, RPGs, and even tanks in front of their stations.

More update will come from the secret sites and the chambers of horror in Falluja.

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