Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Better Security after Falluja liberated

We pointed out before that Falluja liberation will reveal a lot of secrets including issues related to WMD!

It has been released today that the Iraqi and US forces found a site South of Falluja most likely used to manufacture Chemical weapons.

Mosques and Hospitals were deviated from their purposes to be used for weapons and attacks. In the Mosque used by Abdallah Al Janabi (Saad Bin Abi Waqas) found the largest numbers of weapons. Janabi was involved in the kidnapping and killing of many innocent people including the 6 Shia youths killed few months ago on his orders.

According to a US officer the quantity weapons found in Falluja is enough to control the whole Iraq.

In addition a prominent member of Zarqawi group has been arrested yesterday. In Basrah 5 terrorists (2 Egyptians, Saudi, and Libyan & Sudanese) who escaped from Falluja were arrested today. Many others were arrested or killed in Mosel, Diyala and Ramadi. The campaign should be intensifying to prevent the terrorists from regrouping.

Certainly for the last of few days and after the liberation of Falluja the security situation is much better in Iraq. However the areas south of Baghdad are still considered as a stronghold for many criminals and terrorists and may attract more fleeing Falluja.

The Iraqi authorities should hit them strongly before they regroup.

Liberation of Latyifyiah and surrounding areas should be sooner rather than later.

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