Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another Resistance Attack!

The heroes who like to liberate Iraq from the occupied forces attacked today another base for the occupiers!

The base was a shopping centre and civilian cars in Alnasr Sqauare in Baghdad. They killed many children occupied the cars of their parents and Iraqi civilians tried to occupy their shopping for the Eid. Many of these occupiers burned inside their cars.

The area chosen by the Mujahdeen was an important target for the resistance because it is crowded with shoppers and time was excellent to large number of the Iraqis.

This is not the first heroic attack but the braves have attacked several bases before like schools occupied by Iraqi children, hospitals occupied by Iraqi patients, cars used to transfer Iraqis from Baghdad to visit their relatives in the south, Mosques and Churches occupied by Iraqi worshipers and police station used to protect the occupants against the criminals (the heroes)!

This time the tactic was suicidal attack by a martyr who is in hurry to go to paradise however more brave attacks have been used. One time the hero Mujahdeen used a body of baby rapped with clothes by filling his abdomen with explosives and leaving him in a hospital waiting area.

More than that the Mujahdeen are highly naturalists! They don't like the noises of the high tech and electricity so they attack the power station which is noisy! They like the pure spring water so they attack the water stations! They know that the major problem of this region is the Oil, so they would like to turn Iraq oil-less country by attacking oil pipelines and refineries. This is a good way to liberate it from the occupiers who will go back when the oil is over!

One more idea for them is to try to invent an alternative energy than the oil but should be cheaper and readily available. By this way they can ensure that the region will be only occupied by the nature loving nomads and camels' inhabitant desert but not Iraq!

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