Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ali Sistani

Some of the Wahabi Sheikhs called to kill the Grand Aiyat Allah Sayid Ali Sistani! The terrorists will try to achieve this goal if they could. However Ali Sistani himself called not to revenge against the Sunnis in Latyfyiah who killed hundreds of Shias in the area and in their way from or to Baghdad. This brutality is on going and it also involved many other foreigners. In a question about revenge from Shia tribes who were ready to wipe out this area from existence, Mr Sistani opposed the idea and called for calm down.

Who killed the Sunni Sheikhs in Iraq?

In his new tape of rubbish Zarqawi blame the Sunni Sheikhs for the killing of his thugs in Falluja because they failed to issue a fatwa for Jihad!

No wonder why he ordered his terrorists to kill the Sunni Sheikhs in Mosel and other parts. He wishes by this to achieve two aims. One is to dictate his will on the other Sunni Sheikh by force and the second aim is to inflame the situation in Iraq.

It is interesting that the Post Mortem study of the body of Al Faydhi (Sunni Sheikh killed recently) revealed that he was killed by a Dum-Dum bullets which explode inside the body. This type used by other regional countries like Israel and used before in Bosnia but it may also be available in Iran and Syria.

Sharm Al Sheikh meeting!

Egypt foreign Minister statements were encouraging about Iraq stability and freedom.
Kharazi FM of Iran exposed his fear from terrorists may go from Iraq to Iran and stated that Iran will encourage Muqtada Sadr to join the political agenda for election.

Well GOOD point for the Iraqi government to play the card of eye for eye and tooth for tooth with Iran and Syria! If you send us terrorists then here we are we will send some for you and let it be practical if they don't stop. On the other hand if you don't stop we can not say no to the US forces if they want to stop these terrorists, by crossing the borders or creating a buffer zone in either side with the support of other allies.

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