Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


Margaret Hassan CARE humanitarian organisation has been killed by a shot on her head. Our condolences and sympathy are to her husband in Baghdad and family in Dublin.

At least 18 bodies have been found in Al Latyifyiah (South Baghdad) in an abandoned area. The decomposed bodies belong to the National Iraqi Guards and some of them are still in their uniform. Some were without heads and others killed by shooting.

The US solider who killed the injured person in Falluja mosques should not have been done so because that person may have been a good source for more information and above all it is against the Geneva Convention. We feel sorry for that and the US forces opened investigation in this matter.

The Kuwaiti Al Siyasa (The Politic) newspaper stated that some terrorists Kuwaitis contacted their families from Iraq after they escaped Falluja and confirmed that they will continue to fight in Mosul and other areas until death or victory.

The Jordanian from Palestinian origin terrorists Fadhel Nazal Al Khalyilah described Sayid Ali Sistani as the (Imam) leader of the Infidels and atheist. The Wahabi/Salafi groups consider the Shia as infidels and call them as Rafedha (the deniers) in a reference to their denial to the leadership of Abo Baker, Omar and Othman after the death of the Prophet. According to the Wahabi doctrine any one who visit a shrine or build a shrine on a grave as infidel even if he believes in one God.
Zarqawi in his tape said that the victory is very close just an hour of patience!

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