Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alert: Where is Zarqawi?

The liberation of Falluja from the terrorists exposed many sites and tools used by the terrorists Abo Musab Zarqawi but he is not found!

So most likely he escaped unharmed with group of his closest thugs either outside or inside Iraq. The latter is the most likely possibility. There are many possible areas he may go to. Latifyiah, Yosfyiah, Baqoba, Ramadi, Mosel, Kurkuk, Tikrit, Tel AAfar, Baji, Balid, Samara, and even Baghdad are possible sanctuaries.

There are speculations that he was seen in the north in Kurkuk but not proved yet.

The Latest (few hours ago) unconfirmed reports that Zarqawi is now surrounded by the Iraqi National Guards in Baqoba after escaping from Kurkuk earlier.

Who will get the 25 millions dollars?!

Certainly he and his group are not in a good position and may fall in the hands of the Iraqi police or the multi-national forces at any time. This is why these forces and the Iraqis should take this advantage and hit strongly before the terrorists find a new foot somewhere else. This is what the terrorists tried to do in Mosel but they failed. Most likely they chose to go dormant until they gather themselves. The raid on Latifyiah today is a good decision and it should be completed to dismantle the networks before destroying its elements one by one.

In summary Falluja was the key for the moving cascade but the next and not less important key is Latifyiah and Yosifyiah. The operation is just started now and more to come. In the next few days we may see more secret sites and tells from these areas.

We awaited so long to see the Trial of Saddam Hussein and his regime! Is it going to be within the next 6 weeks?! We hope so!

If Omar Hadied is criminal according to Hazem Shalan the Iraqi Minister of Defence, why not asking the Interpol to arrest him?!

OH appeared recently in Al Jazeera TV and IMoD said that he was the link between this TV and the terrorists as well as a link with other organization and killed many innocent lives. His brother was a link with Qaeda and Saddam regime.

The Interpol is for all the criminals outside; Mr Shalan!! Use it! Issue a request for their arrest! If you got the evidence not only for OH but all the escaped criminals.

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