Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alert; Falluja!

Falluja is nearly empty from civilians a part from the terrorists! Several intelligent information detected communications between terrorists' bases in Jordan and Syria with the terrorists in Falluja to try to secure more than one exit for the big heads from the area. There is news about arranging exits via Syria with the help of Syrian security systems. Yesterday the US forces closed the two crossing points with Syria but there are long borders and they know from where to pass.

We pointed out to that before that the terrorists miscalculated the balance of power. They are fool to forget the might of the air as well as the ground military power they face. The big heads now plan for an exit by putting the tiny heads in the fire to allow them to pass. They shout for help from their fellows across the border.

Are they going to be able to escape? It is very doubtful!

It is very interesting that last year when Falluja was surrounded the car bombs and suicidal attacks stopped and the same thing happening now!

Not surprising, Kofi Anan is not happy about the liberation of Falluja from the hands of the terrorists! We have to mention that KA son and some of his staff were involved in the bribes of oil for food programme.

Falluja this time will be free from terrorists and when the forces enter they will have no obligation to leave but to stay inside!

Killing of 10 Iraqi Shias

Few days ago the terrorist group Insar Al Sunnah released the video of beheading one Iraqi National Guard and shooting of other nines among the Shia in the triangle of the Devil Al Latyfiyah south of Baghdad.

The video contains extremely sever barbaric distressful scenes more than the previous beheadings for which we abstain from showing it here!

Again and very important is that the voice of the thug who read the devil statement is none Iraqi accent.

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