Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Wreck it or not!

We may witness in the next few weeks surrendering and/or killing of many terrorists in Iraq but on the same time high vigilance should be the top choice until full security implemented.

The use of force as the only language understood by the savage groups has accomplished many achievements. Force against terrorists should be applied appropriately, precisely and without lag. Lag or redundant time may be taken as weakness or used for regrouping and moving again.

The terrorists have yelled for help for money and men. Most of their money came from the oil gulf states. One of these states recently arrested Wahabi/Salafi group which is showing videos for the Tawhid and Jihad (Zarqawi) terrorists attacking Iraqi forces or allegedly US forces or vehicles and at the end of the show they collect money for them. Their supply is drying and their networks are damaged.

After the declaration of the Sadr group today to disarm with some face saving conditions it has been declared that some clergies and tribal leaders in Falluja trying to reach a solution by next week to allow the Iraqi police to enter the city but not the US forces.

Although the signs indicate that the terrorists are at their end but tricks are not an unusual especially with these groups. It may be just negotiations to enable them to take a deep breath then try again as it happened before in Falluja when even the IP converted into terrorists siding.

The Iraqi government and the US forces should NOT accept a condition that the US forces not allowed entering the city even if they don't like to enter it. At least the non-entry of US forces should be conditioned by full denouncement and stop of attacks plus fulfilling the conditions below otherwise its entry become automatic. On the other hand they should first denounce terrorism and surrender or expel all Arab terrorists from their city and not allowed them to come again. The law should be the state law and not Wahabi/Salafi law. Freedom should be respected and no obligation imposed by certain groups or leaders of tribes or clergies. All arms should by surround in a short frame time including small arms like guns from all groups. Those who committed crimes should be tried according to the Iraqi justice including the capital punishment.
In actual fact there should be no condition put by the terrorists. More than that is the concerned areas should not be rewarded for their crimes.

The crack down is working and should continue not allow the criminals to relax!

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