Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

They washed their faces with his blood!

The fucking devils with instructions from Satan killed the British citizen Ken Begely. No wonder to do it because they follow the anomalous type of Islam by which their grand fathers killed (beheaded) Hussein the son of Prophet Mohammad daughter Fatama!

Yes; at the time of the Prophet death Islam divided into two. The real Islam for which Imam Hussein was killed and the Islam of the successive government is by which they killed their opponents and controlled wealth and power.

The real Islam was with Ali who was rejected by the aristocratic chiefs of Kouriash because he was poor and equitable. They feared for their positions and wealth from this man. They know Ali is the one who said the people are two kind of brothers for you; either a brother for you in religion or a brother for you in humanity!

In the last few moments of his life Prophet Mohammad requested a paper and a pen to write his last words for them. He said this is very important for your future so you will not go astray after me yet they refused to get the paper and the pen because they know and anticipated what he is going to write. The same people who refused this hurried to Saquifat Bani Saieda (a communal place for meeting) leaving the body of their Prophet not yet buried! There they had the first struggle for power after the death of the Prophet. They left Ali and the Prophet family behind. Ali was the vice person after Mohammad. He was grieving with his wife the Prophet's beloved daughter Fatama.

Those who gathered in the Saquifa cursed, insulted, and threatened each other while fighting who should be the leader (Khalefa)! It reached into physical abuse and serious threatening. It was chaotic atmosphere after which one team only controlled the power. The hypocrites then planned their way throw. Many who know the facts refused what happened but it is too late because since then the dictatorship entered the history of Islam. Immediately people forced to submit to the new statesmen or else killed and considered infidels. With time this manifest itself deeply and clearly until the power become inheritance in one tribe initially the tribe of Bano Ummayiad. The later was the enemy of Bano Hashem the prophet family and they killed his grand son Hussein latter during Yazid era.

The other real part of Islam remained with the family of Prophet which has been either killed or suppressed or weakened. When Imam Hussein killed he told them; by killing me we are now became clearly two nations! You are nation and we are another nation!

The religion of the fucking bastards who killed KB who is 63 years old man is the religion of Yazid and Bin Abd Al-Wahab. Prophet Mohammad religion forbids the killing of any Prisoners of War and forbids captive taking. More than that how can a person be killed for the mistake of other one or as a punishment for his government action? This is not the case but it is the hate which is deep inside these bastards to any one not similar to their way of life.

These cockroaches which live in the septic tanks have washed their faces and their bodies with the blood of Ken Begely. Killings for them became an addicted psychological illness that they can not live without it.

Curse be up on your religious shit of the Wahabism/Salafism and its kind, curse be up on your principles and its masterminds. HELL is your dowelling and Prophet Mohammad is innocent from your religion. He will first disown you and your devilish act.

Curse be up on Khardhawi, Hayaiat Ulama Musleemen and their alike who gave you the devilish Fatwa to kill. Curse be upon those who consider themselves as high ranking clergies for Muslims yet they stay silent on such atrocities. Have they not read with the Holy Quran says:

(And slay not the LIFE which Allah hath forbidden save with right) (17: 33 Holy Quran)

(whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth , it shall be as if be had killed all mankind , and whoso saveth the life of one , it shall be as if he had : saved the life of all mankind . Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah ' s sovereignty) , but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth) (5: 32 Holy Quran)

The Quran in the above verse (17:33) used the word Nafis (life) which is an Arabic word means any life even animal life is considered (Nafis).

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