Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Targeting Iraqi Churches & Hospitals!

Another bloody day is in Iraq today and as usual by the barbaric terrorists whose vision unable to go beyond their asses.

About 5 Churches have been targeted by different ways by the groups of the beheadings and kidnappings of Al-Zarqawi and his supporters among the Wahabis.

On the same time the same groups attacked by rockets Ibn Al-Baytar Hospital in Baghdad!

Today's attacks are nothing but indicate the failure of the terrorists and their dirty attitudes.

The same thugs killed the children in Baghdad, bombed Imam Ali Shrine, killed the pilgrimages to Karbala in 2003, and killed many innocents in the name of their God if they got God.

The Iraqis will stay hand in hand, Christians and Muslims and others as one unit. The terrorists will not succeed to divide us.

These terrorists are not even equal to the heels of the old shoes of the civilised Iraqi Christians.

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