Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Shia Iraqi Muslim beheaded

The terrorists group of Insar Al-Sunah (better to be known Insar Al-Satan) beheaded a clergy man from the Sadr Militia group. They claimed that he is working with the US forces to collect arms from the militia and support them.

The Role of Saudi Arabia in Iraq

In general Arabs role in Iraq is almost negative. It is centred on keeping the majority of population governed by the minority. Iraq is not a homogenous society of Arabs Sunni population only but it is a multicultural country formed from Arabs and non-Arabs. It is wrong to consider Iraq as a pure Arab state because of the large part which represented by Kurds, Turkmans, Persian, Armenians, Assyrians, and other native Iraqis from Summer and Babylon. The Sumerians (south Iraq) in fact are the grand fathers of Prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael and Prophet Mohammad. Some elements of this society are ancient and it is quiet interestingly they kept many parts of their ancient life in their names, words, way of life especially the inhabitants of the south and the marshy areas. The Saudis are playing a dirty game to keep the volatile security situation in Iraq. Though not declared like Syria and Iran the Saudi role is to destabilise peace in Iraq and to fail the US plan there. They are not in favour of GWB though JK spoke about substitute for their oil but he gave no explanation how so as difficult to trust.

The Arab problem is based on keeping two things in Iraq. The first is to keep the power in the hands of the Sunni Arabs as it was always since the first Islamic state till now. During this time the others suffered a lot and prevented from expressing any form of freedom whether civil or religious. Shia and Kurds were always under sever scrutiny and hardship which ended with mass graves and ethnic cleansing. The second point is to keep the dictatorship governments as it is in the Arab world and so as same for Iraq based on the Palestine as the main issue around which centred the whole world. This is of course to suite the needs of the rulers and to use this matter not to solve the problem of Palestinians with the Israelis but to serve their stay in power as a hero of the Arab world yet they are unable to be a hero for a herd of sheep!

The Saudi-Wahabi alliance used to send its gangs across the border to kill the Shia and demolish their shrines and historic places. The Wahabis consider the Shia as infidels. This issue remained same until this moment as it is for the other faiths like Christians, Jewish and others. When we say remained same we means the Wahabis considers these as infidels who should be exterminated. This is where the idea of the terrorists including UBL comes from. The problem of the Saudis is that they can not clean their house from deeply routed Wahabi doctrine.

There is a Saudi blog which published an article written by Mai Yamani in the Guardian newspaper few weeks ago which gives a good view though the problem is much bigger and deeper. The Saudi never stopped interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq especially if the matter is related to the Shai.

The Saudi government instead of solving their problems with their Shai community especially in the oil rich region of the Eastern province and Madina they used every thing to keep the Shais in Iraq under the Sunni role. In the past they even misled the big powers and used their oil towards the same aim. Even recently and instead of concentrating to stop Wahabi terrorism they put pressure on Iraq to appoint prominent Sunni faces in its government. This is a fool idea indeed because if Iraq is heading towards democracy it should not consider ethnic or religious identity but the poll stations decided who is going to win and only for limited time like 3 years. Initially things may go wrong but when the Iraqis learn what it means when they give their vote from the point of view of their economy, education, health, services, building the country, jobs, etc they then will get rid of the idea of alliance and vote for the Sheikhs or clergies or so and instead will give their vote to the one who is able to serve them in the above issue and bring better life for them and their children. Of course this is another factor the regional government do not like to see it happening in Iraq (for a reason known to the heart of Jacob).

The ordinary Saudis must have enough themselves and the report by Mia Yamani explain part of that. The Shai in the Ihsaa and Katief the richest oil region yet the most poor area in Saudi are mostly the follower of Ali Sistani. In their calls to Al-Fayhaa TV they look positively to the changes happening in Iraq and they support peace and stability in Iraq opposite to the Wahabis who support the terrorists. The Saudi Shai have long been oppressed and tyrannized by the government. They live on a sea of oil yet they are not allowed to hold any high ranking jobs and none at all in politics. Their children are prevented from entering the good calibres universities and colleges like medicine even if they get high marks in their exams. They are not allowed to have their own mosques in Riyadh or other parts and they perform their religious duties and prayers there in secret especially in relation to Imam Hussein because he is the one who said no to tyranny and oppression. In actual fact the big Wahabi clergies refused to let the Shia to be involved in discussion of any thing even if it is related to the face washing meeting about national unity which was called for by Prince Abd-Allah.

The report in the blog above indicates that the ordinary Saudis are now looking for themselves as Haijazis, Najdis, Yamanis, and the richest of them are the Shia who may as a rebound to their oppression ask for separation in their own states especially if they see the role of their government haven't changed and still negative towards the Iraqi Shias. They know if they got their own state it will be one of the richest in the region and it will much improve their life and future.

Those who haven't realized yet that things are changed and the region is moving towards a new face have to rethink and change their policies. Every one knows now which incubators support terrorism and which universities graduate terrorists. It is time for those who are oppressed for hundred of years to come free and get their rights and live in peace and transparency with all the others. There should be no ethnic or tribal group above the others and no nationals above the rest. Every one should live in freedom, democracy and peace under the umbrella of law.

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