Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

One less; One more!

The Iraqi Police have found two bodies belong to foreigners in South of Baghdad (Yosifyiah area)! The man was beheaded and the woman had been shot on the head. On the same time an Iraqi Engineer who works with the US forces has been beheaded according to a terrorist video.

Sammara is under the control of the Iraqi and US forces after the terrorists flied the area or killed. Meantime Falluja is under preliminary strike for may be the big fight to liberate it. This may be so important to capture or kill Zarqawi. Some Arabs have been killed in the last strikes on Falluja among them Kuwaitis.
Sammara attack is the strongest since the overthrown of the regime. It has been condemned by the Ulama Molseemen (Sunni/Wahabi) group.

Indeed there is a big shift towards informing and providing viable information about the terrorists by the Iraqis especially after the bomb which killed 35 Iraqi children at least. The majority of the Iraqis now want the government to put an end to the terrorists and to use all options including strong force to capture or kill the terrorists.

The new school term just started in Iraq and many children failed to go to their school due to the security problem!

The US forces proposed a truce in Al-Thawra (Sadar) city to enable the concerned companies to finish the rebuilding of the infrastructures, services and roads in that area. It may be a good opportunity to provide jobs and improve the services which may help to establish security and reduce unemployment.

Lastly for those who consider themselves angles walking on the earth or representing God on Earth I said what Jesus Christ said thousands of years ago:

"Let any one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone......"

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