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Tawhed Wa Jihad Zarqawi group carried out today's suicidal attack in the green zone against the US embassy. It is the first suicidal attack in the most secure area in Baghdad. The statement of this group said that lions from the Battalion of the Martyrdoms carried it out!

This is the first time we hear that lions carry out suicidal attack! Usually lions attack their preys and before eating them, they strangulate them until death before making them Kebab or hamburger for their breakfast. But even though the most modern lions take their children to Macdonald in the week ends for fish meals! Above all they don't kill their own species and they don't attack pretty women either!

Mr Ahmed Chalabi has been chosen by some Shia coalition parties as a candidate for the presidency seat next January.

We support him. He got good views for peace and stability in the region but he should speak loudly about his agenda.

The UK has frozen the accounts of Jihad Wa Tawhed group today!

Good afternoon Sir! It is too late! Do it well and froze it well and involve it all!

Japan government stated that it will strike off more than 95% of the Iraqi debit!

Iraq in return should give these friendly countries good share in its future economical and trade relation.
Hi; Arabs; especially the Gulf States; shame on you; the size of the Japan shoes is bigger than your height. Oh; may be because your heads are still in the sand of the Arabian Desert! We don't care because as far America told you to do it ultimately you will do it or ! Probably you are waiting for France to kneel first from its call to reduce the debit to 50% only.
But some thing important the UK reminds us about today! How much money the terrorists hold in France and under which names? Good question isn't it?!

Falluja rejected the Allawi the IPM of Iraq to give up Zarqawi and pulled from negotiation.

Good indication that Zaraqwi is there! If he is not, they would have not pulled out!
Before they return back the rockets from air and ground decided to put themselves off. One rocket told its friend do you know who is Zarqawi? He said; yes of course? So, why you don't get him? Well; because Allawi don't allow me to do so? Fuck off I will do it instead! Oh; take me with you; the second rocket said!

More than 1000 Iraqi demonstrated today in Karbala against terrorism and demanded the government to cut it for ever.

This is may be why the broadcasters in Al-Jazeera and other Arab TVs when mentioned Falluja strikes today they appeared so angry and their eyes were so red as if they were suffocated or just came out of a very hot Turkish Sauna!

Lastly the Amercian TVs and media also falsify their polls according which candidate they support. CNN put JK on the lead! CBS and ABC put GWB on the highway. These two people JK and GWB need a huge energy now. Both needs to sleep for one month after the election finished! The winner will sleep nicely and the loser needs a hospital intensive care admission for two weeks.

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