Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massacre in North Baghdad

Forty nine Iraqi national guards from the Shia southern cities Amara and Kut returned from a military training in Karakosh in the north have been shot dead between Baldrose and Badra in Diyala.

They finished a 3 weeks training and returned to Baghdad. Just after Baldrose (Sunni dominated area) which is part of Diyala their car have been stopped by gun men disguised as Iraqi police in a false check point. The terrorists asked them to get into 5 groups; and lay down on their faces. They then immediately shot them and escaped.

The bodies of the victims have been discovered later.

This is another indication of spies for the terrorists inside the police and army forces. An operation like this requires a lot of logistic preparation and planning to be executed.

The problem is the presence of a weak government with redundant law in a country passing throw extremely serious situation.
In a matter like this during such time the law should be eye to eye, tooth to tooth and wound to wound! The killer should be captured and laid down on their faces the same way and shot to death. The punishment should be applied on all killers and those who support them in their crime.

Al-Qaeda Fi Bilad Al-Rafideen!

This is the new name for Tawhid wa Jihad terrorists organisation of the Jordanian from Palestinian origin Abu Musab Zarqawi (Fadhil Nazial Al-Khalayilah). The last declared his allegiance to Usama Bin Laden few days ago.

This is not going to change things because every one know the relationship between both but it proves the struggle of the last one after the hard strikes his group got recently. He called for money and men from the Arabs and Muslims to help him in Falluja. Abdallah Al-Janabi issued him a fatwa to get girls more than 9 years old ready to be given as wives for the in-coming Mujaheeden! This is to encourage jobless, street lost and criminals from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, and Lebanon to join them. Reports from Falluja indicate that Europeans from Arab origins joined them recently. One French citizen from Tunisian origin (Radhwan Hakeem 19 years old) had been killed recently in Falluja!

Zarqawi group talked about fierce fighting of the US troops in Falluja. On the same time reports indicates that the ordinary Fallujans are ready to hand out these terrorists or kill them as soon as they got the support close to them.

Iran asks for compensations!

Iran asked the International Bank for Iraq to give her compensations for the (Khomeini-Saddam war). They asked for about 98 milliards dollars!

Iran should pay Iraq 10 times this figure plus the money of the smuggled oil during the 12 years sanction and should be brought for an international justice due to their role to break out the UN resolutions for the benefit of the dictator only. They should also be judge for their role in providing support to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

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