Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mass Torture & executions by the Fascistic Regime

The video links below are nothing but a drop from the ocean of Saddam's terrorist's regime.

The following video shows one of the on going practices of mass execution under Saddam.

One day the expired son of Saddam (Udy) ordered a security Police Check point to prevent any other cars from passing through until they receive farther notice irrespective who they are!
Few minutes latter Udy's uncle Saddam's half brother from his mother (Watban Ibrahem) who is under US custody now who was the Interior Minister came to pass throw the same check point. The Police were in a difficult position because Udy will kill them if they don't deliver his order and Watban is a tyrant killer. They decided to follow Saddam's son and they stopped Watban convoy. He punished them by torturing then killing them as you can see him in the video.

Watban and Saddam's other family members used to go to prisons and detention camps and torture or execute detainees and prisoners by random selection. Qusay Saddam's youngest son used to go to Abu Ghareb prison and they gather prisoners for him in the main square. He then asked them randomly by saying from that man there to the end dismiss to your cells, then he and whoever with him among his relatives like son's of Kher-Allah Telfah his grandfather of his mother shot the rest. The second part of the video showed a mass torture by them.

The above are drop in the ocean of Saddam's crimes. The end of that regime was not only good for the millions of Iraqi victims but for all those who love freedom and peace.

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