Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is Jordan Responsible for the Terrorists Activities?

The terrorists group of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi kidnapped a Japanese citizen Shosei Koda, 24 yrs old today in Iraq. Zarqawi is a Palestinian Jordanian Sunni-Wahabi-Salaffi belongs to Al-Qaeda terrorist's organisation.

The PM of Japan Mr Junichiro Koizumi position by rejecting any concession to the terrorists and refusing to bow to pull out troops right from the beginning is a heroic position. Mr Koizumi said; "I cannot allow terrorism and cannot bow to terrorism,".

Japan foreign minister Nobutaka Machimura said: "Japan is Iraq’s friend and the entire Japanese nation demands the immediate release of Mr Koda."

We hope that the Japanese government now to declare that they are going to send more troops and special help in forms of forces or equipments or detectives to hunt the terrorists and kill them.

The most important point in Koda case is that he was working in Jordan two weeks ago and he came one ago to Iraq. This is a very strong indication without any doubt at all that the Jordanian Zarqawi got a strong network link of spies in Jordan who send quick reports and coded information about foreigners travelling to Iraq. The same groups provide money and men trafficking from Jordan to Iraq. The sources of this money are from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and other Arab states.

The Japanese government and the international community should now hold the Jordanian government responsible for not doing enough to prevent such activities which help terrorists in their evil acts.

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