Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Found inside the pocket of the suicidal terrorist?!

AT least 34 children have been killed by the suicidal bombs in Baghdad Yesterday. Many of the killed children and other victims have been converted into fragmented corpses.

The good news is a tough action toady against the holes and a cave of the devils in Samara is under way. We hope to see strong actions and mighty force to destroy the thugs in all areas including Baghdad. The Iraqi government with the help of the US forces should hammer their heads strongly in the way that they deserve it. There should be no need for the Iraqi government to think twice or to hit twice. They should hit only one time! Yes; they may need to prepare themselves to strike well on the heart of the target but if you got infested tree you need to trim all the infected parts otherwise the fruits will be spoiled.

The other example of those who are redundant against terrorists is John Kerry. During the debate with GWB he accused him that GWB was wrong in the war against Saddam. His explanation is that Saddam was not involved in the 11 Sep 2004! What a clever explanation which indicates that any one who has no connection with Usama Bin Laden is not terrorists or representing a danger for the security of the world.

In actual fact Saddam was more dangerous than UBL for the security of the international and regional security. If Saddam and his regime got the opportunity he will never ever hesitate to produce nuclear weapons and certainly use it against any one including his own people. If he got the opportunity to provide any kind of help and assistance to the terrorists including UBL he will never think twice to give double or quadruple for them. Saddam provided money to many terrorists' organisation and suicidal thugs which is proved by the documents confiscated after the liberation of Iraq.
Indeed, neither JK nor any one else can prove that Saddam had no connection with Al-Qaeda. The terrorists who came from Arab and Afghani origin now in Iraq are the best example of his connection. He brought many of them prior to the entry of the US forces into Iraq.

The Americans including JK should ask us the Iraqis about Saddam and what kind of criminal he is. We can answer this in one word only which is; UBL considered as a little baby compared to Saddam as a mastermind of terror.

What GWB done to get rid of Saddam is like playing a chess and laying siege to two major pawns in one move or like the experienced farmer who trim all the infected parts of the tree starting with the main ones? JK on the other hand would like to trim the obvious outside part and leave the hidden and more serious part intact and we know the consequences of this approach. This is why the terrorists will declare victory if GWB loss the election and they will breathe deeply if JK win. In actual fact JK want to do alliance with the radicals which is the other face of the terrorists!

Lastly just to mention that the fucking suicidal thug who killed the children in Baghdad yesterday his dirty body was disintegrated and they found only part of his trouser. When they opened the pocket of the trouser they found several tablets of Viagra produced in Saudi Arabia and written on it (happy journey to paradise; don't forget your Viagra!)

Explanation about the frame picture above

Since many readers wrote either direct to me or in the comment section that the above FRAME picture is not for Iraqi children killed by the terrorists in Baghdad on 30 Sep 2004 but to children killed by the US forces in its strike in Falluja, I therefore did a search about the sources of these pictures.

First of all the sources where we took ours from are as follows:





All the above are Iraqi sources of different parties.

In conclusion the above frame picture therefore used by some sites as children killed by the US forces and in some it was used under the headline of terrorists massacred children in Baghdad or just with out title but published on the day of the attack like in 4 below.

We are unable to verify both sources but from what most of the readers of this site said we conclude that the frame picture above is for children killed by the US forces strike in Falluja.

We thank all those who wrote to me to point out to make a correction about the picture. On the same time our information here depending on many sources and we can not verify all sites' information but at least we can correct it in response to readers' sources when valid.

Lastly we would like to mention that we all may do mistake as well as the concerned sites but it is better to point out to the pitfalls of the others by civilised way. Any insult indicates the inferiority of its originator.

We have to mention here that this is not the first time that Iraqi children killed. Millions of children have been killed in the war in 1990-1991 followed by the genocide of the UN sanction and the Bill Clinton's strikes. When Madeline Albright his FM asked is it worth it to kill all these children?! She said yes it is worth the price!!

Al-Aamiryiah banker in Baghdad still witnessed the souls of the children heard crying and yelling at night until today. It has been hit in 1991 twice by US rockets and dissolved the inside children into fat and liquidate their flesh and bone!

You are talking about pictures while sitting in your rocker chairs and we witnessed the fire hell melting our children many times from Saddam's wars until now.

Yes it is right to put it right but who concerns about the right?

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