Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another bloody day in Iraq!

At least 20 Iraqi civilians have been killed by several attacks including suicidal bombs in Baghdad and other areas. One of these attacks was against the solicitor's union in Baghdad.

As usual, Al-Qaeda branch of Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi Tawhed Wa Al-Jihad is responsible.

Many planed attacks may have been aborted including the use of chemical attacks in or outside Iraq though high threat is still hanging.

Escaping Falluja!

Some who escaped Falluja recently talked about the hell in there! This hell is not because of the fighting alone but because of the behaviours of the extremists. One escaped Fallujan told that Abdullah Al-Janabi (one of the Clergies) issued a fatwa asking all the families who have daughters older than 9 years to give them to the Mujahdeen to marry them. This man got many daughters and he refused to give them.
The clergy explained in his fatwa that he fears that these children may be raped if the coalition forces entered the city! He is the same one who issued the killing of other victims before.

In a terrorists Qaeda web site they encouraged Arabs and Muslims to join the jihad in Falluja and to achieve a marriage to young Fallujan women or martyrdom which leads to paradise!

Earlier Zarqawi declared that he formed a unity with Al-Qaeda and he will liberate Iraq to form an Islamic Emirate from which he will liberate all the other Arab states!

A letter from an Irish Citizen

Below is a letter from an Irish citizen published by site.

Below is the Irish citizen letter:

Dear Sir Madam I want you to publish in you news paper. To the captors holding Margarett Hassan release her at once. By holding her you are declaring war on Ireland. She is not a British Citizen she is a Irish Citizen. Ireland have not been involved in your war and we have no troops in Iraq. If you do not release her and harm her, I for one along with this country will be asking the Irish Govermnent to send troops to Iraq to support the UK and the USA to hunt you down and bring you to justice. You have nothing to gain by holding her. So release our Irish Citizen if you do not there will be hell to pay and you will pay it. Margarett every one in Ireland is thinking about you and our prayers are with you.

kind regards

David Quinn Ireland

We suggested before that if a citizen of any country kidnapped the country concerned should provide all kind of supports to hunt the terrorists or kill them and to strangulate their means.

Another Iraqi Beheaded

Insar Al-Sunnah which is part of Zarqawi/Qaeda terrorist Wahabi group issued a video showing their beheading of an Iraqi young man today. The death excusion stated that he is working for the US forces in Mosel.

It appeared from the pictures that they tortured the man before his beheading. There is a blue mark around his neck which indicates an attempt of strangulation and other bruises and cuts over his face which indicates variable ways of tortures been used?

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