Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


Reports from the West of Iraq indicates that the terrorists are retreating to the West and North West with a sudden appearance in Hiat region. The Fallujans are desperately waiting the Iraqi forces to liberate them and there are some information from inside Falluja about increasing open rejection to the Arab terrorists.

There is a major shift to support the Iraqi interim government to put an end to the terrorists in all areas and to put the power of law in effect.

Most important point is not to allow the terrorists to escape neither out nor to infiltrate other areas. The trick is to wait for them where they feel it is safe to go and once they are there take them by surprise and charge them.

On the same time two terrorists groups beheaded two Iraqi Intelligent Officers belongs to the new Iraqi forces and one Kurdi from the Kurdstan party.

They also tried to use a suicidal woman with explosives around herself to blow it inside Imam Ali Shrine. The Iraqi police arrested her just before going in to the shrine today. She is not from the Shite's areas.

A new mass grave has been excavated today with hundred of mutilated bodies of children, women and men.

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