Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


Insar Al-Sunnah terrorists group which is part of Al-Qaeda/Zarqawi stated that it has killed 11 Iraqi National Guards near Al-Latiyfiyah area. They decapitated one and killed the others by shooting and showed their pictures on their website.

Another hostage woman from Poland kidnapped today by another terrorists group called itself (The Brigade of Abu Baker Al-Sidiek Al-Salafiyiah).
Poland bravely refused to bow to the terrorists. The video which showed the hostage was shown in the Terrorists TV Al-Jazeera.

Thirty terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Syrians have been arrested in Doma in Syria before their departure to Iraq. Doma is a strong hold for Wahabis/Salafis groups in Syria.

Ramadi is outside the control of Baghdad government completely and the situation there is so serious! It may cause chaos in the nearby areas if nothing done about Falluja/Ramadi region to put them under the central government control.

Terrorists group linked to Qaeda stated that it holds 400 tons of the highly explosive materials confiscated from Qaqqaa institutes with the help of the US soldiers after the fall of the regime 2003. It said that it will use them against the US forces.

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