Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The terrorists may prepare for a big operation in the next 2 weeks before the US election. The aim is to direct the wind against GWB ship.

We know there is no one in Iraq safe from abduction at any time and any where. It may happen at one's doorstep or even at his work place. Same thing applied for killing and assassinations for no reason at all.

Margaret Hassan the 60 years old British humanitarian worker in CARE organisation is not the only one and not the last. Only time will tell who is next?! MH who worked in Iraq for 20 years and married to an Iraqi citizen abducted while in her way for work at 7.30 AM in Baghdad.

The terrorists and the media support them will intensify their operations in the next few days. They may plan to abduct a VIP person or even many. There operations may involve big attacks especially in Iraq. Probably many cells have been motivated including infiltrates in the police and other systems. The beheading of more than 9 Iraqi Police by Tawhed and Jihad Zarqawi group in the beginning of Ramadan is a good indication for that.

The aim is to make GWB to loss the election, however, any kind of big operation by terrorists may do the reverse and make the American people to vote for GWB who showed a firm stand against the terrorists. Even though, the more the situation remained unsecured and cities like Falluja are not under the control of the central government, the more attacks and kidnappings will occur. The latter will lead to anti-American mobilization in the region including Iraq.

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