Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The next few days before or during the US election or even just after the election the terrorists plan for a big attack with possible mass killing. It is likely that chemical plus conventional high explosives may be used. The after-math of the attack may take days to clear.

Al-Qaeda has already declared that the New York 11 Sep 2001 attacks will look like dwarfs beside the proposed attacks!

This is may be just a psychological war but it have to be taken seriously. Iraq, US, UK, Poland, Italy and US interests in Europe, Africa, ME and other places are likely targets.

The Americans have to know one point only which is; if GWB lose the election the terrorists will declare victory and their attacks will get worse and their cells will sneak every where by two major ways. First is by nuclear mushroom like spread in ME and Africa while the second spread will be octopus like spread with long arms inside Europe and US.

The terrorists fears GWB and will take a deep breath and expand if he is losing!

Sistani meets the Iraqi Christians

Leaders and priests from all the Churches of Iraq visited Sayid Ali Sistani in Najaf. Sistani stated clearly his support with the Christians Iraqi brothers against those who bombed their Churches. He also called them to join the election and all other Iraqis.

The Patriarch Emanuel III Dali stated after the meeting that the meeting was brotherly and we are all sons of one family. The Patriarch added that Sistani said he considers the Churches as holy as mosques to worship God and for peace and love and should be highly respected.

Others who attend the meeting in Najaf are Patriarch Georges, The Archbishop of Arman Orthodox Afacosodrian and The Archbishop of Surrealian Orthodox Surries Hawa.

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