Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


Current situation from Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan and many reports indicates that there is a serious and significant and sudden drawback in the network of terrorism inside Iraq.

At least one report indicates that a major split happened in the circuit close to Abu-Musab Zarqawi. It is believed to be some of his closet aides may have been revolted against him after the beheadings and kidnapping issues. This probably was augmented by the major strikes of the US forces on strategic sites for Al-Qaeda in Falluja, Sammara, Al-Qaaim and other places.

Whether or not Zarqawi has been killed or escaped to Iran is not confirmed yet but there is a big crackdown inside the frame of their network.
This is a good outcome for more push towards the target by more and strong action sooner rather than latter.

Some other unconfirmed reports indicate that Iyman Al-Zawahri has been arrested in the border with Pakistan.

We will follow these and get reports as soon as emerged.

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