Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who are the Hostages?

This is a very important question that we may ask at the present time! In other word are the hostages are the captives taken by the barbaric devilish thugs or all of us?

We don't need details to answer such a question but it may be answered either way! That means we are all taken hostages by the terrorists so it is up to us to use every available mean to free our selves. If the terrorists become unable to control our will that means we are free and they ultimately will loss.

In practice if we give the terrorists what they ask for they will demands more. They will never stop and never give up.
The best example for kneeling down for the terrorists is the Philippine government which encouraged the present crises. It needs no explanation that the more you submit to their demands the more you encourage hostage taken and boycotting by the terrorists.

The video tape which was released by the terrorists about Ken Begley Today is another evidence of the sick personality of these thugs. The terrorists just show their hostages either been killed by the most barbaric way or demanding from their government to answer their demands. The most important thing is KB is talking under sever pressure. He is indeed abused mentally as well as physically. They are killing him several times per day. He is emotionally dying every second. This is against most simple animal and insects' ethics. The terrorists are devils and inhumane with no ethics or principles.

The other most important point related to this hostage issues and statements is showing us how important and respectful is the life of humanbeings in the Western society while very cheap and undignified in the Arab and ME society.

One last thing about the scene that these terrorists used when KB send his message is it looks like the cells and the prisoner uniform of the Al-Qaeda prisoners. This is a clear indication that the war between the terrorists is in actual fact a war with Al-Qaeda and not an Iraqi resistance.


Helped Saddam to kill the Iraqis

Helped the UN to keep the sanction on Iraq

Tried its best to keep Saddam in power

Sold HIV infected blood which killed many Iraqis and refused any investigations

Oil for food bribes

Helped Israel to strike the Iraqi nuclear reactor after she built it

Tried to resist lifting the sanction after the overthrown of Saddam

At last France called for the Terrorists of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to join the Supposed International Conference about Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more to say!

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