Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What want wrong?!

It was a farce to have many conflicting reports about Ezit Al-Dori coming from the interim Iraqi government! There must be something wrong. The announcement of Eizat Abo Thalj capture came from ministers and official conference and not just by personal statements! These ministers are fooling themselves or they felt the joy, but professionals should make correct and political statements even if they are not sure.
Any way this may be taken as a lesson by the government to change itself.

Some of the members of this government spend lot of time and money buying suites, shoes, ties, and may spend long time in front of the mirrors combing their hairs and their beards! Some have nothing to do but touring the satellite channels for interview here and there! Others find new love inside the government among the pretty young female ministers! We heard that Ghazi Al-Yawar who got 6 or 7 children living in Saudi Arabia with their mother fall in love with the pretty Berwari the minister of Planning. He is planning to strength his ties with the Kurds! The problem is Berwari is a modern westernised woman while Al-Yawar though studied in the US he imitate the Oil Sheikhs in the oil gulf states at least by his uniform. This is not compatible with the Iraqi multicultural society. This uniform is in fact not very practical to wear during work because it restricts the movements of the person wearing it.

Whether Eizat Abo Thalj was captured or not the way by which his capture was announced was not appropriate.

Lastly the news strongly indicating that Eizat indeed was captured but because he hold important information about the cells of the terrorists and the link with the Zarqawi groups it has been decided to deny his capture for the time being. This will help in getting more information and allows intrusion through the network of these cells.

Najaf Searching

The Iraqi police conducting a big search this morning for weapons! Grand Iyat Allah Sayid Ali Sistani asked that his house should be the first to be searched.
The IP then started with the house of Sistani followed by the nearby area before going from house to house in the other regions.

When they arrived to Muqtada Sadr house the guards prevented them from entering. The guards took positions over the roof with their RPG7 and Kalashnikovs.
Muqtada Sadr then went to Sistani to complain about it and to refuse the search but Mr Ali Sistani told him that all the Iraqis should be under the law and the IP indeed started with his house!

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