Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrors' Roots!

The barbaric killing by attacking the Iraqi civilians and police, the journalists, the charity workers, the beheadings of civilians from different nationalities and other crimes will certainly escalate. This escalation is not merely due to the terrorists' plan but it is directly related to the weak attitude of the Interim Iraqi Authorities especially the ministry of Interior.

The fundamental question is about the aim of the terrorists what to achieve from their attacks?

We know that in each issue things are planed to achieve certain goals. Each plan needs resources of which the most important one is the trained human resources and money. Of course the geographical and political elements are very important.
Al-Qaeda in its Wahabist gown aims to control the region starting from Middle East and ending by implementing the Khilafa state! There are so many political parties not involved in the direct attacks but calling for the same thing like Al-Tahrier party which got many branches every where around the world. Khilafa is a continuity for the Bani-Umyiah, Bano-Al-Abbas and Othman destinies hypocritical dictators.

In Afghanistan the aim of Talibban and Al-Qaeda was to establish their darkness and spread it to Pakistan, Iran and the Arab region plus abroad. In spite of the short time that Talibban stayed in power they were able to get Octopus arms every where in this planet. They organised and carried out many serious attacks including the New York 11 Sep 2001 deadly attacks. Their ambition hasn't vanished with Afghanistan. They changed their tactics right after the liberation of Afghanistan from their atrocities.

The collapse of the security systems including the borders in Iraq after the fall of the dictator regime provided Al-Qaeda with golden opportunity to transfer some of its important bases to Iraq. This was a favourable geographical site for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the readily available human resources and money from the neighbouring countries. The geographical factor though not as good as Afghanistan's caves and mountains but the long borders with Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Turkey and Kuwait provides them with easy access to human resources, money transfer, weapons, communications and injecting the arms of the Octopus with powerful tonics right to Europe.
In actual fact the Sunni triangle provides them with not only ground for existence but geopolitical support by many well known Mullahs and Tribal leaders.

We may argue whether or not these people can win against the United State and its allies in Iraq but we should not assume that this is impossible!

They now aim to escalate their attacks in all direction in Iraq and may hit somewhere else as when they get the opportunity. Their final goal is to send Iraq into fuss and chaos. This is why they concentrate on specific targets. If they achieve near complete civilian chaos due to continues lack of security, no services, and no where to get safe then they may win! This is by sending the society into turmoil in which case its control become so difficult and may slip out of control. There are some signs shown after the today attack in Baghdad of that.
For that the attackers need a ground level for their bases. This has already been established in very well known areas and there are struggle to control some more strategic areas in Baghdad and nearby.

If Al-Qaeda/Wahabis succeed in controlling Iraq they will spread to the other countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others. This scenario may look odd and impossible but it is the ambition of these people and they put themselves between dying and achieving it.

The only way to wipe the terrorists and struck them off is to use the method they understand. Their roots should be wiped out, by implementation of sever punishment, surrounding the terrorists' areas and after warnings liberate it by all means.
The reconstructions should go quickly by rebuilding all services in the settled regions and aiming for reducing the unemployment into a very low level.
The other important thing is with the help of the civilised international community the countries supporting the terrorism in Iraq should pay the price sooner rather than latter.

Saying all that, we think that the terrorists by attacking the civilians and the Iraqi Police will inscribe their end by their own blood stained hands.

Baghdad's attack today is another sign of how weak is the Interim government and how widely involved the regional Wahabists and other groups.

If the Interim Interior Minister of Iraq can NOT protect his own forces how he may provide security to the people? He should step down to allow some one stronger to crush the terrorists and provide security. The time of Arab's dirty habit of clinging to positions for life should have no place in Iraq.

If you fall, it is better to leave some one else to takeover otherwise you are just hypocritical person in a wrong position!

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