Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorists may declare Victory!

There are talks about the release of Dr Germ and Dr Anthrax by the US forces in Iraq! This is a surprise news which if it is true indicates none but the confusion of the US and Iraqi interim government of how to deal with the terrorists' demands.

If this is going to happen it will be certainly seen as a victory to the terrorists and a success achieved by their operation in which they kidnapped and beheaded two Americans and still holding a British man.

The Iraqi Minister for information said that there is no connection to the release and the kidnapping. This is a foolish announcement that no one would easily accept. More than this is why they release these two women who were active members in the dictator criminal regime. On the other hand why they should be released after the beheading of the two Americans? Is it to save the British or to avoid new similar operation? The answer is the opposite for both!
If this is going to happen then every one should be prepared to accept more kidnapping and more beheading and it may not save the life of the British captive. The terrorists may ask for more demands and they may say there are more women to be released and not only these two.

Hoda Amash and Rihab Taha were active members of the regime and should be submitted into trial and released only after cleared from any blood. However they both are close witnesses about the regime crimes.

The declaration of the Minister of Justice by saying that he is prepared to release one or both is VOID! He is in actual fact not acting as a judge here and if he is so then he should show us evidence of their innocence! He added in an interview with the BBC reporter that he will release them if the PM issued him a (Fatwa)!
Well; is there then any difference from the totalitarian decrees used to be issued by Saddam and the new regime.
On the other hand if they are innocent and released without trials they then should sue those who hold them without evidence for long time.

This is a wrong decision in a wrong time by a wrong people!

Abo Anas Alshami

(Omar Yosif Jomaa) 37 year's Palestinian thug lived in Jordan sent to hell by an American rocket near Baghdad. He was the Mullah who issues filthy Fatwa's to the Palestinian thug Abo Musab Zarqawi who is again lived in Jordan. Abo devil Alshami is Wahabi/Salafi/Sunni belongs to Tawhed and Jihad of the above filth. He was his man media. His family holding a commemorative party in Amman!

Mass grave

MG with at least 23 bodies appears to be for Westerns and from ME has been found north of Falluja! It has been found after the people in Falluja smell a bad odour from a nearby site. The IP then surrounded the area and dug it and found the bodies. Sources said it is very likely that Abo Musab Zarqawi buried them to hide their IDs. Some said the bodies may belong to US soliders but it most likely belongs to Saudis and Syrians and other Arabs and foreigners who foght with Zarqawi and when killed by a US strikes the thugs buried them secretly to hide their IDs. All awaiting forensic studies.

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