Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorism and Reactions!

What happened in the Nepalese Capital today by attacking the Muslims' mosques and properties as well as the Embassies and airline buildings of some Arab countries is a normal reaction to the mass killing of their fellow citizens.

We are not with these attacks because it is not justified either but this is what the silent Arabs and Muslims government expect to happen?

The attacks in Nepalese are the beginning of a new scale of reaction against the Arab governments which keep silent over the terrorists. Next time when nationals of other countries killed anywhere not only in Iraq, we may see similar attacks against the interests of states which support terrorism or incubate their doctrines. The attack against the interests of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Nepalese has more than one meaning. The regional states to Iraq which export terrorists expect no less than that.

On the other hand the terrorist group which hold the Kuwaiti workers freed them in return for money (1/2 a million $) paid by the company concerned! This is an encouragement for more hostages in return for money!

Russia had acute on chronic problem! The terrorists emerged from no-where. Even the school children in their schools are not immune.

France delegates to Iraq exposed the relationship between the terrorists and the Sunni group of Haiyat Ulama Al-Musleemen by meeting them in Baghdad!

France should now answer the problem of the HIV contaminated blood exported to Iraq in 1990s! Can they open an investigation in that?

Interestingly French Muslim women wearing Hijab protested against the kidnapping and one said that they are prepared to replace the hostages themselves!

At the end of the day watch the release of the French hostages in the next few hours or days because there are talks about France ready to pay ransom to the terrorists. This was the secret message carried by their delegates to Haiyat Ulama Al-Musleemen which is the political side of the coin of the terrorists.

Watch the release and count the money!

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