Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New Face of Terrors!

On the same time the show of the propaganda of the French hostages continued and making from it a real drama, we see a new face of terrorism in the world.

France and the Pro-Wahabi Ulamma Al-Musleemen trying to achieve political goals from that show but they are not good actors. It is so clear from the kisses, hugs and visits between the above groups in Baghdad and other regions. France showed these Mullahs as if they are the most powerful authority in Iraq and beyond the power of the government.

It is the mistake of the Iraqi government to allow that to happen. The Iraqi government sent the IP to Najaf and killed many Sadr militias yet allowed Falluja and the triangle of death to be controlled by the Wahabis! More than that allowing the above Hayat Ulamma Muslemeen to negotiate on the behalf of the terrorists! This is a best example of how weak is this government and without a will!

While the above group kisses checks, rubbing noses, and doing all the hypocritical salutes their fellow Wahabists entered a new face of terrorism. It is now against the children not in the stations or the public places but in their schools!
The other new face of terrorism is the face of Saudi based terrorist Wahabi Women in Chechnya!

Dirty pigs are much better than the human race! More worse to come!

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