Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mentality & Terrorism!

Al-Arabyiah TV on the 11th Sep 2004 broadcasted a live programme about the New York Twin Towers attack in 2001. There is no problem with the programme itself and the good thing it showed is how deep and big is the conspiracy theory implanted inside the Arabs mentality. The question of the programme was "Do you think that there are organizations other than Al-Qaeda responsible for the 11 Sep 2001 attacks in NY?!"

More than 85% of the callers voted for YES! Less than 15% voted for no! Those who said yes think that Israel, the Zionists, and the USA are the ones that carried out the NY attacks in 2001! Some of them considered Osama Bin Laden as a hero Mujahed and others variably said that he is an American agent or (made in the USA) who shared the attack with them!

Some expressed very strange views by saying that GWB arranged these attacks as a gratitude to the Jewish who make him to win the election earlier! They explained that by this GWB send his troops to plunder the region's wealth and to protect Israel!

Most of the phone calls especially which considered UBL as a hero came from KSA! No surprise, but it would have been nice if UBL niece Wafa Yaslam Bin Laden the singer and artists who disowned her uncle and lives now in West London's Knightsbridge rich area called to give her views.

The same mentality is the one which organise the volunteers to go for Jihad (holy war) in Iraq from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and others!
In Saudi Arabia there are many families congratulated by others because their sons have been killed in Iraq! Many Saudis have disappeared inside Iraq in the Sunni triangle in Falluja, Ramadi, Latyfiyah, Mosel, Tikrit, Baquoba, Baghdad, Samara, and even inside the Shia areas in Najaf and Kerbala. The Sunni triangle has become a magnate for all kind of killers and mercenaries from different areas in and outside Iraq.
The jobless young dull people from the above countries have been promised by the trafficking agents to give them Iraqi women to marry as well as money, free food and houses. All what they do in return is certain jobs of robbery on the road between Iraq and Jordan or kidnapping or even killing. The concerned Mullahs brain washed them to make them to feel that they are doing this work in the name of God and if died or killed will go to Paradise!

In the south of Lebanon and the Sunni areas the people often talk about those who were killed or disappeared continually in Iraq or about those who are volunteered to go there! The same thing happened in Aien Al-Holwa Palestinians Camp and Syria, Yemen and Jordan, Morocco and the concerned countries. The US forces already handed at least 30 Moroccans belonged to different terrorists' organisation captured in Iraq. There are 50 more that are going to be handed to the Moroccan authorities soon for farther investigation.

In Yemen while the dictator regime kills his opponents by the most brutal ways is allowing the Yemenis to go for Jihad in Iraq openly.

The ground in Iraq become so complicated to allow too many terrorists to come supported by the money from the oil Gulf States and the regional governments and organisations. The organisations like Hayiat Ulama Al-Mosleemen and the local Mullahs in the concerned areas as well as the Iraqi Police and Tribal leaders in these regions are playing a big role in protecting the terrorists and conducting several attacks along their territories. Some of them fear the Mujahdeen and some for money while others are for role. One of the best example is Sheikh Abd Allah Al-Janabi who controls the area South of Baghdad (Al-Latifiyah) up to Misaiab and Hila south. At least 10 miles of that road becomes deadly impossible for any one to pass through. Many were killed or kidnapped there and many used longer roads to avoid robbery, killing, rape or intimidations.

The intensification and the variability in these attacks happening during the same time at different places indicate the level of the organization that these groups achieved.
In actual fact Al-Qaeda and its sub-groups may have penetrated many Western intelligent agencies including the CIA and certainly the security systems of the Arab states especially the KSA, and the other Gulf states.

In spite of all of that GWB still a head of his opponent JK who is the favourite choice for the above mentioned mentality.

On the other hand the trial of Saddam Hussein and the other mass murderers will preliminary set out for few weeks time. Some of Saddam Baath members and ministers will give evidence against him. Despite the large sum of money collected by the Arab lawyers to defend him and the attempt of one of them to marry his daughter, he is still without lawyer. The court then decided to appoint one for him. The newly appointed judge resigned few hours after his appointment for security reason. He said he would have been continued as far as his name remained confidential.

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