Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Just Why?!

Why when there is hostages taken the concerned people go to negotiate with Hareth Al-Thari and Hayiat Uolama Al-Mousleemen (Sunni/Wahabi group) in Baghdad?

Why Hareth Al-Thari repeated and confirmed the Fatwa of Al-Khardawi by saying that the Mujahedeen may take any one who work with the Americans in Iraq?

Why the name of Uom Al-Tabool Mosque changed into Bin-Taymiyah (B-T = is the one on his doctrine based the principle of the Wahabi believe)?

Why France sent an HIV-contaminated blood to Iraq 1980s and refused to compensate the victims and investigate the matter until now?

Why Iran until now refused to give back the Iraqi airplanes and to release the POWs still in their captivity?

Why the Arabs made a big fuss about the hand shake between Iraqi IPM and the Israeli FM? Don't most of them do it?

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