Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq Election: True or False!

It has been said that the election will be held in about three month from now in Iraq. If the election happened it will give birth to the first elected government in the history of the Iraq and may be the Arab world but is it going to happen and if so where is it?!

Three months is a short time yet we don't know which parties are going to be nominated or submitted. Where are these parties? Who are their nominees? What are their programmes?

The Iraqis would like to know the parties and their representatives as well as their agenda for the future!! None of these important questions answered until now!

The only thing we heard lately is the announcement of Donald Ramsfield to the Iraqi interim PM about a limited election which is a surprise declaration unless he means to exclude the areas which are not under the control of the government.

It is even the party of Iyad Alawi the interim PM has no clear agenda of what to do in all aspects like security, army, Police, health, education, reconstruction, trials of the criminals, and other important social and outside problems.

In America the elections are going to happen just 2 months earlier yet preparation and agenda have been announced few months ago in addition to the nominees (GWB and JK).

We need details of Iraq election soon!

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