Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

How you become a millionaire in one day?!

After the fall of the dictator regime in Iraq every one was dreaming to join the process of rebuilding this country especially it got destroyed infrastructures and services following decades of wars and corruptions followed by crippling global international sanction. Variable speciality big companies, politicians, economists, small and big traders, oil companies, individuals and others felt happy and prepared themselves and put their plans for that reason. They know that Iraq is not only rich in oil but got the finest oil in the region and among the best in the world. In addition to that it has many resources including tourism, silica, agricultural, Sulphur, plus human resources and strategic position with thousands of years deep in the history.
Many individuals came here for jobs and some they succeed to get the available.

The Iraqis also felt happy that they will get reconstruction so as more jobs and better services and forward prosperity!

The competition was so high even big states among the UN permanent members entered in a dispute of which companies should get the shares?
During that heated atmosphere there other people entered the competition suddenly and pushed every one out including the UN permanent states which rocked the boat and hit us with nasty noises. After the new intruders entered the noise making states hide their heads in the dust. Who are these winners then? I am sure most of you now know who are they?

Some of the foreigners especially Arabs who have no qualifications or experience and they are failures that can not find any job tried and trying their adventure in Iraq.

There are reports indicates that some Arabs who dreams to be a multi-millionaire in one day are going to Iraq. Once the concerned terrorist employing groups pay these adventurers the first bonus (few thousands dollars) and arrange for them to enter Iraq without documents they go into a simple training then they make their own business!
The plan for such business was already agreed by the group prior to entry. It needs nothing but weak foreigners who have no body guards to kidnap them. Once this happen every thing else comes like a cascade. If you got a video camera just get a film and send it to Al-Jazeera and the Western government will pay the millions. If you got no camera just contact Al-Jazeera (the voice of terrorists) and it will defy or ignore the Iraqi government order of its closure and will organise the rest for you but they ask for a cake with a cream on the top!

In the last few days even you don't need to trouble yourself with kidnapping and its consequences as the Iraqi Police getting a little bit mature because you can buy or negotiate with your hostage. Even you don't need to ask for ransom or involve Al-Jazeera but kidnap and sale to some one else who will do the big job. You may arrange every thing with the hostages themselves as far as you give them part of the ransom as it happened with the Two Italian Simonas who were sold for 2 millions.
There are people who become a little bit cleverer and took the job of becoming hostage for 2 weeks or so. They then get the money and become famous and will sale their stories to film maker and publishing companies!

Once your money in the pocket and you become a millionaire that is it back to where you came from and you know the way very well. Once you crossed the border with millions of dollars you can enjoy one thousands virgins not only 73 as this is a limited number! You don't need to go to paradise for that. They wait for you in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon and even in the USA!

I winder why those who are doing the job are mainly non-Iraqis yet the unemployment rate in Iraq is the highest of up to 85% compared to the countries of the terrorists origin!

In conclusion it is not a religion or paradise or any thing else but it is a sickness and done by psychologically anomalous thugs and adventurers for money!

Iran provides safe roads for the terrorists!

Hundreds of Afghani Arabs crossed from Iran to Iraq in the last few weeks especially via Diyala province and Hemreen Mountains.

Iran playing a dirty role in Iraq not only by allowing the thugs to cross borders and provides them with facilities to help in that but also in destabilizing and controlling the situation in the South. The influence of the Iranian secret forces in Basrah is public under the eyes of the British forces and with their silence. They implement their role by force and by their names. They encourage the Southern provinces to separate. They know separation increase the chance for civil war.

Iran in 1979 tried to export its propaganda to Iraq and the oil states in the Gulf but they failed. The same leaders (minus Khomeini) trying to do the same now. This time is not to export propaganda but to stop an imminent revolution inside Iran which is already started indeed.

The Iranian government is fool because if the separation succeeded the first thing to happen is for the Arabs in south west Iran to request separation and may even request to unite with the new big oil producing Shia Arab state which extend from Baghdad to includes Arabstan inside Iran. This state will then be the replacement for Saudi Arabia because it will be the biggest oil producing in the world. This of course will lead to disintegration of Saudi Arabia into 4 states. The richest among them will be the Shia Eastern province with its ARAMCO rich oil producing region. More than that is the Kurds in Iran will separate as well as the Bashton and other nationals.

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