Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

France and Terrorists Show!

On the same day the French journalists freed (now) there are two Turkish drivers (Muslims) were killed and two Macedonians been kidnapped. Before that 12 Nepalese workers murdered!

Those who went into the stage to do the performance regarding the French journalists uttered no word regarding the Turkish Muslims killed neither about the others.

There is no doubt especially if one looks to it retrospectively that there is an agreed show between some groups in and outside France to achieve specific goals out of this issue!

The French government showed that it got support in the Arab world as well as Muslims groups and the Wahabi Mullahs. It also hit more than one bird by one stone only. They showed that the French Muslims are supporting their fellow citizen in France more than supporting their Muslim brothers' outsides and carried out their Islamic dress ban smoothly! The terrorist of no doubt gained money and showed themselves as a civilised group who may respond to their Mullahs.

France also told the US and its old foe the UK that they are there and got interests with the people of the region. It is also a gift to Jack Chirac in his next election.

We don't like the French citizens to be taken hostage or murdered but on the same time we hate badly performed show like this.

What a dirty politics and professional killers!

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