Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

For How long?!

One American hostage probably Eugene Armstrong has been killed. The (Sunni)/Wahabi/Salafi group of Abu-Musab Zarqawi which called itself Tawhed and Jihad confirmed in a website that they beheaded EA. They threat to behead the others if their demands are not met.

Here we would like to congratulate (Sheikh Yosif Al-Khardhawi) who declared yesterday in a programme with the multiple coloured with various shaped Hijab wearing Khadeja Bin Kina in Al-Jazeera, declared that it is legal to kidnap and terrorise any one who may help the US in Iraq! He used the word (Takhwef) and (Rowaab) or to frighten and terrorize. He encouraged this but failed to say who will judge that this person may be taken and the other is not!

Congratulations may also go to HAMAS which sent its members to liberate Palestine from inside Iraq via Iran by attacking and killing the Shia (the other Iraqi Jewish)!

Our congratulations will go to John Kerry who said that he will change course in Iraq and pull off as quick as possible but not towards USA. He said he will avert his course to fight Usama Bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora! He criticised GWB by averting US efforts from UBL the (only) enemy of JK.

Congratulations should also go to Iyad Alawi who failed to crush the terrorists and failed to implement the most sever punishment and he know how these people can be led and in which way. Some people know only one way. Saddam knew it!

Although our deep sympathy is with the family of the victims but more heads still awaited to be cut unless deep and strong and exalted power used to fuck off all the terrorists and their hostels.

If there is a cancer not responding to usual treatment, isolate the effected parts and excise them from existence.

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