Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Email I received from the terrorists or their supporters

I receive too many emails most of them from the civilised people who are even if they don't agree with me or with you in the idea they put their thoughts with out insult.

I would like to show here one of the emails which insult without even mentioning why but I assume he or she is either terrorists or very pro-terrorists.

It is written in Arabic language so it means it is from Arabs! No wonder! It is as below:

From : khal zoubi <> Sent : 24 September 2004 20:48:22

To : <>

anta kalb monafik

End of the email!

This means: you are dog and hypocritical.

I hope the will take an action as soon as possible and I will appreciate any one to do something about this thug or thugs.

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