Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Eizat Abo Thalj!

The reports about the capture of Eizat Dori deputy of Saddam are still conflicting. After the Iraqi government confirmed the capture they come back this evening and deny it! It seems to be we have to wait and see whether they are dealing with different person and waiting for the DNA before the final say or not!

There are reports that the person they captured is similar to Dori and he denied he is the same person but told that his name Eizat Ibrahem Al-Obidi!?

In another subject the Iraqi Police raided the triangle of Latifyiah south Baghdad (Sunni-Wahabi area) and arrested about 500 members belong to Zarqawi groups. Among them was an aide to Zarqawi! No one knows who he is yet.

In Najaf there is big demonstration today afternoon against Muqtada Sadr. The demonstrators demanded that Sadr expelled out of their city. Among the demonstrators are supporters of Sadr who turn against him at last!

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