Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Civil War!

Iraq may be heading towards civil war if the concerned officials keep silent over what the extremists among the Sunnis are doing in the hot areas!

For the last 18 months after the fall of the dictators and their escape from the duty the Shias become prime targets for the attacks by the devils of the Sunni triangle.
These attacks now are getting a new dimension by subjecting not only the officials among the Shias but also the ordinary people.

In the last few days many Shais have been either killed or exposed to intimidation or threats in many areas in Baghdad, and other parts of Iraq.
In Al-Latifyiah city South of Baghdad many have been killed. Now the insurgents there are attacking every car holding a plate number belongs to Shiite cities like Najaf and Kerbala.

The Iraqi Police recently arrested several Sunni terrorists planning to carry out suicidal attacks against Shias during Shiite gatherings in Baghdad, Najaf and Kerbala.

On the same time many attacks have been carried out against Iraqi Christians and other religions apart from Sunni sects! The same terrorists are those who kidnap and behead foreigners. The latest are the British and US civil engineers working in the re-construction of Iraq.

The Shia knew that several outside terrorist organisations planning to create a war between Sunni and Shia. However the Sunnis are not doing any thing about this but rather they still dream about their benefits from the previous regime and their absolute control of power over all the other sects in Iraq in spite being a minority for hundreds of years.

The Arabs who are mostly Sunni especially the Wahabis in the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia doing every thing impossible to make the absolute Sunni control of power to go back to crush the others in Iraq. Wahabis consider all the people other than the Sunnis as infidels and should be killed as and when there is an opportunity to do so. This killing according to their doctrine is in the name of God who is innocent from this sin.

Iran on the other hand in spite its Shiite doctrine but they first fight the US in Iraq and second they don't like to loss their leadership for the Shia in the world if Najaf schools and universities going back to its glory which was hindered by the Iraqi dictator regimes. If this happened it may attract several Shiite scholars to migrate from Iran to Najaf.

If a civil war occurs all the possibilities will get opened but the terrorists will implement their own plan which will not confined to Iraq alone. It will certainly and without any doubt spread quickly to the other countries. The first countries to which the trouble will get in are the same countries which incubate terrorist doctrine and send its graduates to Iraq and other regions. No regional country will be immune at all.

The only way to prevent civil war in Iraq is to capture or kill those who plan for such a thing. There strategic areas controlled now by the insurgents and some have already become very established bases for them, should now be controlled as quickly as possible by the Iraqi government. If these regions become under the Iraqi government control the insurgent will loss their bases and scattered in a way make it very difficult for them to plan major attacks. Weakened rats trapped then so easily.

On the same time the Shia, Kurds, Christians, and others who were oppressed by the previous regime should unite and they should realized well that, the Arabs and their poisonous media like Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyiah and others are aiming to keep them under the same role of absolute Arab Sunni power which oppressed the others.

Release the British civil engineer and his colleagues

The British and his two colleagues from USA should be released immediately! Their safety is the responsibly of the whole Sunni groups and their triangle.

We call up on any one who knows where they are or can help in their release to do this immediately and to help in capturing or killing their kidnappers.

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