Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The thugs most likely killed (beheaded) the two Italian women and the British hostage may be already killed or will be soon.

We are not dealing with ordinary animals or just cockroaches living in the septic tanks of the dirtiest areas in earth neither a new race of unknown creatures but an extension to the filth of the terrorists Wahabis.

They showed us in the last few weeks how they kill children, women, elderly people, and other innocent in the most barbaric way known. We said known because its in deed known in their history and officially used in the countries which implement the Wahabi doctrine (See Beheading article in the Archive on 4 July 2004).

One of their thugs who is the Khardhawi of Al-Zarqawi (or the Fatwa issuing thug for him) Abo Inas Al-Shami has been killed by an American rocket specially sent for him from God to send him to hell. He is a Jordanian from Palestinian origin.

Indeed the families of the US victims who were killed recently should sue Sheikh Yosif Al-Khardhawi (Egyptian live in Qatar) who issued Fatwa to kill the civilian in Iraq any one in doubt of working with the American. Few days after his Fatwa the two were killed. The families should also bring justice against Al-Jazeera which allowed him to broadcast his Fatwas there and Qatar which provide both with support and money.

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