Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


There are very strong indications that Eizat Aldori the deputy of Saddam has been arrested near Tikrit!

After his arrest by the Iraqi Police and the US forces, 150 members of his guards tried to free him but most of them either killed or escaped.
More details later!

Congratulations for the victims of Abo-Al-Thaleg!

Update; Aldori Captured!

Al-Sharqyiah TV just now contacted the Minister of the state for the governances Wail Abd Alatef who confirmed the capture of Eizat Aldori (Abo-Athalj) and he also stated that he contacted the Deputy US forces commander in Baghdad who confirmed to him that Aldori is captured and he is in the hands of the US forces now!

The Wahabist Strike again!

The attack on the Russian school is not the first neither the last as far as the ideology which feed the hate exist in the Wahabi schools in Saudi Arabia.
The Iraqis in Najaf and Kerbala remember very well when the Saudi-Wahabi coalition Mobs supported by the British forces early 1900s, remember how they used to attack the civilians there and kill even the foetuses after they cut the tummy of the pregnant mothers!

Not only the Iraqis remember that but the people of Madina when the mobs of Bin Saud siege the city which refused to surrender and submit to his role. He then slaughtered hundreds of the Madina people and created ethnic cleansing by changing the social demography of the city. Of course he was a Bedouin man who knows nothing about this but things were drawn for him by the British.

The bloody attack on the innocent Russian children is beyond our description yet knowing who the attackers we wonder not! The same groups saturated with the same ideology of hate not only to the non-Muslims but Muslims who not agree with them, killed, raped, tortured, and did all evil in Algeria, Afghanistan, Philippine, Chechnya, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and of course imposed their doctrine over every one in Saudi Arabia and some other parts of the Arab world especially the Gulf oil (states).

On the same time of seeing these bloody pictures from the Russian school the Salafi Mullahs who polluted the world with their barking regarding the French show are (dump, dull and deaf)! More than that the guest of Qatar's Amer who filled the world with his growling (Sheikh) Yousif Al-Khardhawi produced a Fatwa allowed the killing of the civilian Americans in Iraq yet he got 2 daughters studying in the British universities under the protection of the UK police and 3 others in the USA studying under the protection of the US authorities! He uttered no word about the killing in Russia or Iraq but certainly feels happy inside himself!

The preliminary news indicates that two millions dollars paid by France to the first terrorist Wahabi group to hand the two journalists to another group which is supporting their release. The money is more than that because of the cost of the negotiating Salafi/Wahabi groups.

French foreign Minister said today that the hostages are well and treated nicely. He was so relaxed and asked the French to be calm as if he was sure about their release and their treatment! He is part of the show!

There are some rumours that the French government had secret negotiations with Abo-Mosab Al-Zarqawi group (Tawhed and Jihad). If this is true it is a serious political scandal for this government which always supported the dictators against their people.

In Kurkuk at least 18 Iraqi civilians and policemen have been killed and several injured by a suicidal bomb attack of the military academy there.

In Mosel heavy fighting between insurgents and US/Iraqi Police forces lead to many killed and wounded and one US helicopter downed.

The oil-pipelines attacks continued with one attack in the south today!

The on going crimes in Iraq are countless. Every day there are kidnapping, killing, hostage taking, robbery, rapes and so on! Saying that in Najaf and after the Iraqi Police controlled the city the people revenged against Sadr thugs who treated them badly especially in his court which is similar to Saddam's courts. One of his thugs found cut into pieces in his home and another one escaped but the people burned his house. Several others captured by the IP after the people informed the police about their places and exposed their crimes. Sadr himself went to pray in Imam Ali Mosque but this time the Iraqi Police stopped him and searched his car and him before allowed him to pass! The people of Najaf went in demonstration aganist Sadr on Friday shouting to expel him from their city. When he took control MS thugs showed the Najafis what they haven't seen even during the hard time of Saddam Hussein!

Lastly a statement from Najaf Hawza today condemned the kidnapping and killing of all nationals in Iraq and called for the Sunni groups to denounce that and to encourage and advise their sons to follow the correct peaceful path of Islam which respect all humanbeings and all lives and forbid killing and destructions.

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