Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why the History?

We may draw many conclusions important for our present & future from the history. Differences in these conclusions may even be more important. I am not a specialist in history & when I was in school I use to have a dislike to attend the lessons of the history subject! I hate wars and blood shades & the history of mankind full with these kinds of crimes. Right from the beginning when only two brothers exist on earth one of them killed his brother! The recent history is no difference but an extension to the evil & good!
We certainly will not be able to become angles but we should try our best to live in a healthy environment with peace & love!
Recent history taught us that hate and selfishness can only give birth to destruction and agony. The best example of this is the crime of the 11 Sep 2001 in New York. The other example is Saddam crimes against the mankind & nature.

There is great saying by Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib translated like this: "Do not be ridged so broken easily neither soft so squeezed readily but be elastic"! Elasticity can only come by good and right. Each one of us got two sides in himself evil and good. There are many factors may determine which side will flourish. If the good side grows it will reflect its light not only inside ourselves but also towards the others including every thing around us. If the evil side stimulated it will grow and give birth to evil buds until it encase us with darkness which will spread to involve the others.

Based on the light of this short introduction and the history of Iraq I may draw the following conclusions about Iraq:

1. For long time especially from the Othman Empire until now Iraq remained unstable. This instability benefited the minority and brought misery to the majority. Among the minority are the leaders who got the evil darkness inside themselves.
2. The people helped to create their bad leaders. Hypocritical people exist everywhere but there are many other factors determine the outcome of their deeds.
3. If the Iraqis like to have proper democracy they should change their view about the leaders. They should learn that leadership is a responsibility and a job and not a privilege neither a representation of God on earth! There should be no poem or applauses or slogans for the leaders at all!! No pictures or posters anywhere! News should cover the actions not the individuals. One feel sick of watching the Middle East leaders in their TVs for hours shaking hands & kissing or rubbing noses or listening to their hypocritical poem reading aliens or racing on horses and so on.
4. The previous leaders were variably above the law and the law in case of Saddam was Saddam! This should change and the law should be above every one.
5. From the history the leaders were non-elected, coup delivered, military dictators and semi-illiterate. From Arif on ward they got ethnic and racial antipathy.
6. The Iraqis Arab, Kurds, Turks, Assyrians, Shiites, Sunni, Christians, Jewish, Sabyian, Yazidis and others all should be same in front of the law and they should live in unity. A garden has to contain different kinds of flowers, trees, bushes and other plants to be attractive.
7. The type of state should be decided by the people of Iraq in a direct voting and not by the interim leaders. It is a big mistake to talk about Federal state or so now. It is OK and healthy to hear the view of each party but not healthy to decided about it. Leaders of the parties have the right to express their views but not to impose it on the people. Most Iraqis think that there should be a constitution first and an elected government then the type of state can be considered by two steps. First voting is to decide the type of state then if the people voted for the federal state another round by which the type of the federal state may be decided. Most Iraqis don't like a federal state based on ethnic or national status but what ever the results of election come should be respected even if it decide to convert Iraq into an American state!
8. Lastly democracy should not mean that you elect every one including the head teacher or the university president or a company chairman as it is going on now! There are certain jobs should be appointed by proper interviews according to their CVs and by open competitions only. It is good to have freedom and criticism but there should be roles. There is no point of appointing a university president by election and there is another one who is better than him to be in that position. Indeed the presidential election based on the American way is nothing but a public interview by the people to appoint their president.
Iraqis should learn from the American and British systems of democracy.

God bless Iraq and America!

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